Glasseater Rosewater Lyrics

Miles Ahead Of Where We Left Off Track Listing
  • 1 5 Star Parade
  • 2 Rosewater
  • 3 I'll Try
  • 4 Smartboy
  • 5 Face To The Floor
  • 6 Miles Ahead
  • 7 Princess
  • 8 Break Away
  • 9 Weekend Sellout
  • 10 Words To Make Up
  • my dying love is surpassing
    these memories bleed through and remain
    you took me as a joke
    like a plastic toy
    but i won't break
    i look into your eyes and see the stillness inside
    i've never realized how cold-blooded you could be
    thinking back
    at the time
    we were together
    the thought of you and i made me realize my ignorance
    took advantage of my heart
    the tears rolled down my face
    my memories arise
    i wait by the phone
    i realize once more
    how foolish i have been
    my love meant nothing
    kissed generated by hate

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