Billy Ocean Rose Lyrics

Time to Move On Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Pick Up the Pieces (Put It Back)
  • 2 Pressure
  • 3 Upside Down
  • 4 Everyday Sunshine
  • 5 Stand Up Stand Up
  • 6 The World Wants to Dance
  • 7 Time to Move On
  • 8 Rose
  • 9 Can We Go 'round Again
  • 10 Everything's So Different Without You
  • 11 I'll Be There for You
  • 12 On Your Knees
  • If you wake up in the dead of night
    To feel alone like a helpless child
    Reach out for me I'll be close to you
    I need to touch you, that's all I wanna do
    And I fell a place of glory when I'm in your arms
    Ooh, I love to love you darling
    Don't care how many times
    When you take me to your heaven
    Then I know that you're mine

    Ooh Rose, you're my Rose
    More beautiful to me than any flower
    You're my Rose
    Everything that I desire
    It started with a spark, now it's fire
    In other words you mean everything to me
    We both belong together
    Say you'll be forever my Rose

    I see the sun within your smile
    So warm and tender lighting up the sky
    Can't believe I'm sharing love with you
    But I believe dreams come true
    'cause you and I together we'll weather any storm
    Ooh, when two hearts beat as one
    And if the road is long
    We'll travel it together
    Oh, you'll be the only one


    Written by: Lawrence Cennett, Paulus Boler
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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