Billy Ocean Rose Lyrics

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If you wake up in the dead of night
To feel alone like a helpless child
Reach out for me I'll be close to you
I need to touch you, that's all I wanna do
And I fell a place of glory when I'm in your arms
Ooh, I love to love you darling
Don't care how many times
When you take me to your heaven
Then I know that you're mine

Ooh Rose, you're my Rose
More beautiful to me than any flower
You're my Rose
Everything that I desire
It started with a spark, now it's fire
In other words you mean everything to me
We both belong together
Say you'll be forever my Rose

I see the sun within your smile
So warm and tender lighting up the sky
Can't believe I'm sharing love with you
But I believe dreams come true
'cause you and I together we'll weather any storm
Ooh, when two hearts beat as one
And if the road is long
We'll travel it together
Oh, you'll be the only one

Time to Move On Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Pick Up the Pieces (Put It Back)
  • 2 Pressure
  • 3 Upside Down
  • 4 Everyday Sunshine
  • 5 Stand Up Stand Up
  • 6 The World Wants to Dance
  • 7 Time to Move On
  • 8 Rose
  • 9 Can We Go 'round Again
  • 10 Everything's So Different Without You
  • 11 I'll Be There for You
  • 12 On Your Knees

  • Written by: Lawrence Cennett, Paulus Boler
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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