Saukrates feat. Masta Ace & O.C. Rollin' Lyrics

The Underground Tapes Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Can't Touch Us
  • 3 Money or Love
  • 4 Bag Da Biscuit
  • 5 Da Professional
  • 6 Keep It Movin'
  • 7 Innovations (remix)
  • 8 Fineline
  • 9 Play Dis 99"
  • 10 Body Language
  • 11 Check for Me
  • 12 Ultimate Rush
  • 13 Rollin'
  • 14 Suga Daddy
  • 15 Bag Da Biscuit (Ain't Nuttin But A...)
  • 16 Vietnam
  • 17 Killed or Be Killed
  • 18 Ay, Ay, Ay.
  • featuring Masta Ase O.C.

    Intro: Masta Ace

    Yeah just like I was sayin

    things are same all over

    it don't matter where you come from

    east coast west coast T dot O dot down south

    you gotta keep rollin if you gonna get through all this

    [Masta Ace]

    yo yo I makes green backs of mean tracks

    it seems that life ain't nuttin but phat cars

    and green stack 2 storeys high

    I wouldn't want to die

    po broke and lonely, no joke I'm only

    a hop jump and skip, from 30, gotta get my hands dirty

    if I want to see cash that's gon last

    I hit you wit a blast, straight from the heart

    where's the math, gotta go for broke witout a cast

    ain't **** changed but nickels and dimes to G notes

    we floats flush rides and crush prides and jack fakers

    crack makers never left the neighbourhood

    cash rules everything except me

    that's what cream mean, don't rule the rhyme

    on valentines day *****, you still couldnt find

    the heart to try to step to, **** wit

    mess wit, your desperate, stop bullshittin ***** and lets get

    all this dough like Pillbury and I still bury

    wack rappers in 96 kid I feel very confident its my year to

    and my tongue will tear you

    keep rollin in dough and son I hear you


    Baby roll wit me, maybe you can see

    what all life can be

    (what you gonna do when your mind gets old)


    (make money)the slogn of ghetto dwellers in such

    (take money)the phrase of an organized bank rush

    sittin on top of the dome like Al Capone

    interceptin drug carriers and takin they home

    popularity can make you a buck but ***** that **** is luck

    solidify your cash, your the biggest guy

    gotta tooken out,

    the ***** caught a disease for the plague Saukrates

    now who's got the g's

    desperado, get away cars hittin the throttle

    pinchin diamonds the size of the lotto

    any kind of hesitation to 25 ta life you get

    come out, kickin Carlito 'cause you can't resist

    in your world wife and kids become the minority

    cause yens, franks, marks and dollars become your priority

    on stage frontin as if your mic makes all your cream

    father time paid off the sandman and saw your dream

    ***** quit it, you in it for the cash admit it

    'cause I did it, and never gave a **** for rap critics

    realize Corleone style, I know some *****s desperate

    they'd sell they mother for a 7 digit figure

    don't you get it...



    Yo Sauk, yo Ace, what's up wit money over there

    whppin on the street like he just don't care

    his flambouyancy annoying,

    ignorant ***** figure he gon roll all his life

    thinkin he gon roll all his life being big bad and bold

    and what, sellin drugs on the street ain't nuttin but a sucka

    he gets ****ed and his mind mad mushy intelligents all fuzzy,

    get shot street ***** forgot who was he

    in it for all things respect

    you rightful to fall of in life either deceased or arrested

    mastermind designed you had through a science giver

    mad man reigned over major alliance

    your world revolved around gold, cars and diamonds

    sluts and scars , draggin behind bars still

    the wake up call, face off the jail bully

    takin your man hood, thought you had a *****

    come home seen your man, now the lies arise

    tellin your man you was fightin *****s twice your size

    your conscious is feelin it, sippin a brew

    2 years you got screwed, by the system and a stiff one

    mental swollen and your manhood stolen

    wrecked and got dugout for the price of gold


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