Rollercoaster-Ride-lyrics-Natasha-Thomas/6E63A7185F9D0D6848256F6C000DA532Rollercoaster-Ride-lyrics-Natasha-Thomas/6E63A7185F9D0D6848256F6C000DA532Rollercoaster-Ride-lyrics-Natasha-Thomas/6E63A7185F9D0D6848256F6C000DA532 Natasha Thomas Lyrics

Natasha Thomas Lyrics

Sometimes I feel our love is strong
Sometimes I think our love is wrong
Are we really meant to be
Or should I break free
I never quite know which way to turn
So far there's just one little thing that I've learned

It's never gonna stop, this crazy thing called love
It's a rollercoaster ride
are one point I'm on the side,
Next thing I'm almost flying
It's a rollercoaster ride
Sometimes I'm up sometimes I'm down
Sometimes I'm spinning 'round
And it's never gonna stop, this thing called love...

Sometimes I almost hit the breaks
but then I think 'bout what's to steak
You're the only one I love
So I decide not to stop


Changed my mind about a million times,
I want to walk away but my
hears wants to stay, so I don't know
I'm never quite sure 'bout which way it's gonna go

[Chorus: x2]

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