Fishbone Rock Star Lyrics

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When I was a kid I would go to the show and see the rock star
I`d play my records and look at the album cover at the rock star
Sometimes I`d check out the R&B
But the polka, salsa classical scene just was not me
I wanted to be like Bootsy, Dr. Funkenstein or Jimi the rock star

Color meant nothing to me
Everything was equal as far as I could see
Ignorant to the racist music industry music industry music industry

Music industry... White rock star
Everywhere I look... White rock star
Read it in the paper... White rock star
Watch it on TV... White rock star

Only just a little... Black rock star
Only for a token... Black rock star
Sing no controversy... Black rock star

Sometimes for the flavor of Japanese
No communication but it`s overseas

Unaware of how propaganda works
I soon became a victim, a trick at work
With my black brotha`s playin` rock & roll
Signed and ho`in for a major label
Selling my soul as a rock star

Do the rock star ohh
Do the rock star yeah

Break a window, smash a TV
We`re some hott mother ****a`s it`s no doubt about
We do the rock star Ohh
Do the rock star, yeah

Get real drunk, ****, ****, ****
Kick in the radio, smash up a chair
Do the rock star, wooh
Do the rock star, yeah

Wreck your hotel room, catch a Lear jet
Stay in debt, manic depressed
Sweat & jerk to the best
Smoke a cig, ****, ****, ****
Lie fry loosin` your mind like a rock star

I got supposed fortune & fame
With existential potential Of runnin` the game
But it the greedy of the whitey at the top of my frame that`s

Blurrin` my art piece
Makin` it weak see
Makin` it watered down
Dilutin` my funky sound
But it`s all you need to be
In this weak society
Powder puffy rock star dumb
Keepin` people stupid and dumb

Do the rock star ooh
Do the rock star hey

Shoot up some heroin
Snort some cocaine
Smash your guitar
Wreck a jet plane
With a short gun to your brain
For the price of fame
Losers !!!

Kurt Cobain meant nothing to me
But now I just can`t escape from the rains that drive me ape
Of their white fear
Through the television in my eyes in my ears
Racism ! Separation ! Media !
So I guess you can say I`m an angry brotha
Can`t play my music `cause of barrier of color
Deep in debt with a seven record set
Videos and funky shows but no one knows
The major pain and misery of bein` radical
Speakin` of what you feel in a world that`s sad and dull
But the rock star got the money and the **** **** right
Action lights and plane flights
Drugs and press but in reality
it`s a lot less when you`re the rock star oooh

Written by: Chang Il Sohn, Gang Min Lee, Jin Kyeong Kim
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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