Lil' B Roc Lyrics

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Yea, I'm pocked that money nigga
You and me had dragon up everytime that P.Y.T.
Next tape they see
(yes yes)
We start with nigga's heads and
I will let make the enemy win without fight nigga
We'll talk about these steps P.Y.T.
Next tape boy
Yea, the slow deep yea
Yea, yea so are we all pyt?
My nigga is the part in vains with the lair word,
Brand new decade, even if we destroy herd
Putting on the news bitch, with the faith in every word
Before flight, you know about my nerve worth
Pussy as nigga don't scare me dare me on my motor rack
Climbing on nervous speed
P.Y.T nest tape nigga still sweet serve, wrong thing ever
I might get served, taked to the gherro
Slight off like hello, can't talk man
This is not in my scatchroad
You fool me? The boy talks about nigga
They're not on my level
Trying to get it in when my scar line's best bow
Sitting at the lough and my mind don't shave it
Nigga's trying to fight that jaimping get them
I'm all alone out hams like tormonedo
Samson get over Delilah, hit them off the raid
You fell me, each of suits paper
Faith to the odious smile with the devil's grace
Look it guy try like fast, how fucking gone on we?
Nigga say I never see but I don't believe in him
Aha nigga can't say ah last for my city though
Last game on my mind, who's game is smarter?
Pretty game locked on, I'm here to sale it down
Say you got the magnity, hooding gun is saled and done
Small niggas and small dreams, nigga I can't waste my time
A lot of niggas still young, real all try to stay for tasks
Like an info chest god wether
Like an info chest god wether
Like an info
I'm coming with that info because they have talked to me
Cowboy on jealous, jealousy in mind
That I have ever, pussy nigga's
P.Y.T. next tape you know is now the Lil B
Curian that shit, who started giving it out, you feel?
And that's all you feel about it?
That's all you feel about this shit?
You fell me
Like I said, P.Y.T. pretty young thug next tape
And you know I'll fuck all with Lil B
Watch around, you know rush or laugh
P.Y.T. next tape
Welcome to this shit, welcome to the board
Do you follow me?
South south to Philadelphia, south south to Virginia
All we do is 8 PM
South south Mayro, all night you're walking
What they do?
South south Ohio, what they do?
South south kinesis, do you follow me?
South south the Brazil, I'm still begging you
Like I said P.Y.T. is tape nigga for your birds when you beat
(Yes, yes).

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