Bow Wow feat. Jermaine Dupri Roc the Mic Lyrics

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[Jermaine Dupri]
Since day one when he came up,
I taught him everything and how to tear the game up,(Me)
What we went through was a shame but,
We back at it now, doing all the same stuff.(uh huh)
Being us

[Bow Wow]
When I left I heard all the words and the lil' birds in the background,
Saying how he goin' act now? (uh huh)
Be stubborn lil homie couldn't back down, but I'm back now,
And we back around

[Jermaine Dupri]
Killin' all the daughters and they mama long with 'em (yeah)
Lil Homie so crazy and he stay tryin' to split 'em(yeah)
Stay with his shirt off, gang of tattoos
All the homies like ***** he act just like you

[Bow Wow]
Jay and its true, I do and I ain't even gonna front,
Tryin' to hit it out the park while these other *****s bluff,
Roll up like a blunt, straight stunting on these *****s
Like you and jay did when I was just a kid.

[Chorus: x2]
They say we talk just alike,
Walk just alike,
Same damn swagger,
When we Roc up on the Mic,
All the girls like
He can get it
All my *****s hands up
Lemme know that you wit it

[Bow Wow]
Come on now that Obama no drama all about the doe,(okay)
In with the new, (and) out with the old,
Stay making it, keeping the people wanting mo',
And for L-I-F-E, W-E So-So

[Jermaine Dupri]
So cold like a winter night in Chi-Town,(yea)
You Know,(yea) you ain't hot homie pipe down,
See the label done got a ***** hype
Stop running around, lying bout your **********ing life clown

[Bow Wow]
The real don't do that,
I be looking at em like eww who do that?
Kids don't feel that,
But you wouldn't know,
Cause you getting too old and slow,
Said he popping when u barely going gold *****(whoa)

[Jermaine Dupri]
Same Lambo, Same Bent Different color,
More Like my lil' son and just my lil' brother,
See I had to let him go,
Just so he can really know,
You never know what you got,
Until its gone,
Welcome Home

[Chorus: x2]

[Jermaine Dupri]
Bow holla at em

[Bow Wow]
Okay, Same Lambo, Same Bent different color,
More than like a dad and just a big brother,
We ain't always gonna agree,
Eye to Eye,
But for him I'm straight Do or Die, I

[Jermaine Dupri]
Couldn't of said it better cause I feel the same,
Its just somethings that ain't never suppose to change,
Like when Nicky Barnes switched the name of the blue magic,
For no reason and ****ed up a good package

[Bow Wow]
You don't get a ring, unless you got a team,
My *****s round you that'll hold you down,
Run with you around through the thick and the thin,
When the work ain't coming in,
You know the ups and the downs,
That we all go through Jay,

[Jermaine Dupri]
You See the moral of the story is,
We let the biz come through and separate this,
Dis been one of the realest and the greatest,
Relationships between 2 friends,
I'm talking true friends

[Chorus: x2]

[Bow Wow]
I remember when I was just a lil boy you know what im saying
When I first started coming to the Atlanta you know.
JD use to have all the hottest whips and ****.
I use to be like you know when I sell my first million.
Im'a buy all these shits man all the girls you talking to man
Im'a smash all them girls when I get older you know what Im saying.
JD I know you remember that and I did it!
So so def for life you know what it is


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