Freeway Roc-A-Fella Billionaires Lyrics

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Roc-a-fella millionaires *****, early, that's right, haha
(Hey Big Sp-, Hey Big, Hey, Hey Big Spender)

30 mill in the bank, 30 grand on the wrist-and
20 mill in the Swiss-and, 30 birds in a tank
Diamonds all in the face, blind ya face when it glisten
Ace of Spade not that Crissy, man you know what we drink
Got my automa-k, in my new Gucci slippers
I bring my loafers from Louie's, what the **** did you think?
When I step in the place, *****es running up to me...yelling
(Hey big spender!)

Chea, Chea, Chea, Chea
I turn a nick to a dime, dime to some millions
A brick to the Roc, the Roc into some buildings
When ya ***** feeling I might see about a billion
'Fore I leave the building, now that's what I call a billing
Uh, balling, you still crawling, children, call him
When ya start walking I be wheeling, flooring
Something foreign, no ceiling, chilling...hey, hey, hey...hahaha
(Hey big spender!)

(Hey big spender!) That's what them hoes say
(Hey!) Ho pouring rose-ay
(Hey!) Rose gold, royal oak, auto mart, okay
(Chea) Hey (Chea) Hey (Chea) Hey (Chea) Hey (Chea) Hey (Chea) Hey

That's what them hoes say
Free pouring rose-ay
Roc-a-fella millionaires, we stack that paper everyday, yeeeah
(Hey) Yeah (Hey) Yeah (Hey) Yeah (Hey) Yeah (Hey) Hey
(Hey big spender!)

I'm a jet fuel abuser, now 7-4 to the 5
Hova's dough is on autopilot, I don't even drive
In the bop with my shoes up, I just took back the Phantom
Too many ****ers could fathom, what it felt like to have em
I just copped me an all-things, a professional ball team
Tell me I ain't the illest hustler y'all seen
When you don't buy out the bar, you buy the bar, that's what ya call
(Hey big spender!) Ha,ha,ha,haaa

I got some dough on the block, got some dough getting wrists
I got a villa in Tahiti and I don't owe no rent
I got that paper for real-a, and these *****s finally thinking
Eat my cake up in the safe and take a slice of the dilla
Three hundred grands of damn willa, why y'all *****s debating
I'm copping, y'all *****s hating 'cause I'm making that scrilla
They know me F-Baby gorrilla, when I step in the building, they saying
(Hey big spender!)


Although I'm good with addition, the flow so scientific
Gold plate like Cris, so I reverse the system
Came from poverty stricken
To the top of the Forbes
Now the property's listed
In high society district
'76 is the floor
'94 with the raw
'96 with the flow
2008 with the spitting
Now drop a grip up in the mall, two hundred grand at the district, we living, *****es


Written by: Cy Coleman, Dorothy Fields, Leslie Pridgen, Shawn C. Carter

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