One Dollar Short Robot Lyrics

Receiving Transmission Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Some Assembly Required
  • 2 Mayakovsky Had a Gun
  • 3 Headlights
  • 4 Seven Colours
  • 5 Note to Self...
  • 6 Broken/Fixed
  • 7 Taste of Romance
  • 8 Astronauts Journal
  • 9 Engines Failed
  • 10 Goodbye (Is Not Enough)
  • 11 We Are Not Science
    CD 2
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Silverspoons
  • 3 Here I Am
  • 4 Keepsake
  • 5 Tim's Brother
  • 6 Friend
  • 7 Not Pretty Enough
  • 8 After the Fire
  • 9 Starry Night
  • 10 A Measure of Stride
  • 11 Robot
  • Who lived all alone in a far off land
    When he was made a forgotten part his forgotten heart
    In his chest an empty space

    This little robot man couldn't shed a tear
    So he wondered why he had to live this way
    This little robot man couldn't shed a tear
    So he wandered so alone so alone

    This lonely robot tin man
    All he wanted was the touch of a human hand
    This lonely robot tin man
    Feelings he was never meant to understand
    This robot, this robot, this little robot tin man, this robot

    This robot tin man confused and scared
    Was becoming less machine everyday
    He set out to find his heart
    With new found courage he will find his way

    [pre chorus]

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