Curren$y feat. Trademark & Young Roddy Roasted Lyrics

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It's been a minute let me get with it as I roll up
*****s been waiting on trade like whats the hold up
My only mission in life was to blow up they ask what I throw up
You know what I rep and I'm one of the best
Supervillian in the building I'm clearly a threat
Been doing this here for a minute considered a vet
A lot of *****s want me to fail cause they know that I'm next
That's damn near I'm possible this game ain't got rid of me yet
I fell of and I crawled and regaining my steps
This time around I'm ma give all till I'm gaspin' for breath
I stay silent on a lot of **** quiet is kept
But I don't know too many *****s with silent success
So I write it all down to get it off my chest
The weed we break it all down to get off the stress
*****s hate (**** em) cause they know that we the best
It ain't my fault I do this **** breakin' a sweat

[Chorus: x2]
I'm just laid back chillin' posted
Living like a villain mostly
High off this purple ****
No lie I'm flyin' I'm so roasted
Money *****es
Bring them through my ups and downs life is like a roller coaster

The more I smoke the smaller the doobie get
They takin' shots at the jets on some john woo movie ****
All blanks I'm unscaved untouched on my way to the bank wtf
For tryna play spitta you shall forever remain with out a name
Lames know what I claim
Upset they all throw up my set from the sunroof of my car
Seats butter boogets
*****es crumbling nuggets I'm feeling lovely and blessed
Tribeca and bubbies I'm enjoying a lemon press not that many made crap
They squeeze these lemons they selves
The hearts of women melt
When trilla lyrics are felt
Olympic swimming in *****es Micheal slash Leon Phelps
High bread weed money tree slang for dummies
Get it crackin' like lobsters ice vodka in the

[Chorus: x2]

[Young Roddy]

[Chorus: x2]

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