Joe Ely Road Hawg Lyrics

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I got a road hawg on my mind
Move over, baby, look out, I'm comin' through
You're on the side of the road, I got a load on my mind
And I'm bringin' it home to you

Got a road hawg on my mind
Got a Cadillac V-8 motovatin' down the line
Don't wave your pretty fist at me, I'm on the freeway
Baby, I'm losin' time

Well, you know about a road hawg
I guess I'm one
And this road I'm a-hawggin'
Is the one you're standin' on

I got a road hawg on my mind
I got a 4-barrel carburetor, 2-barrel shotgun
And one good barrel of wine

Written by: Butch Hancock

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