Hank Williams, Jr. River Lyrics

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I've been here longer and I'm stronger
and I've seen as much as any man
Now many's crossed me but none have bossed me
and I don't believe they ever can

Hello son. I see you're wearin' a gun
and you say you're on your way into town
You say your Ma told you not to,
but you feel you got to
Get that man that gunned your daddy down
From the sheriff's office to the gallows boy,
that's a mighty mighty short walk
So while you water your horse son let you and I take it easy
and have a little talk
Cause I've been here longer...

Well I can see that you're angry
and I guess you've got plenty right to be
But the law can handle your daddy's killer
much better than you or me
And remember the promise you made your mother
That you never would put on a gun
So go on home to her boy cause she needs you
she couldn't stand to lose her only son.

Well I see you thought it over
and I'm glad to see you're going home boy
And you wanna know what they call me
Well I'm just the river they call me the Mississippi
I've been here longer...

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