SRH Risky Makes A Phone Call (Skit) Lyrics

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Hello, no one is available to take your call
Please leave a message after the tone

Wuttup mane? You know who it is
It’s Risky, just checkin in baby
Baby sent you the drop you know
That mixtape gone be fire
I feel especially with me on that man, in that going nuts
I’ve been looking W W W dot Risky taking over the SRH mixtape game and all that shit
So I’mma sure you get them dropped
Hit me back on the cellie
Hit me on Twitter
You know you got my Facebook right?
You got my Instagram?
Yea yea hit me up, it’s Risky you know
We gon blow up baby, we gon blow up

Aye man S man listen man I’m aye man
For real man? That’s how you fuckin play me?
Man we signed contracts and shit
You shook my hand
Aye when I saw you you said I’ll be all over the mixtape
And now you doge me like this uh?
You gon do me like this? Wait!
Just wait til I see you again son
This motherfucker

Yo S wuttup, it’s Risky
Listen umm, I been sendin you the drops for the mixtapes
But I know you wasn’t getting back to me or nothing
Uh I’mma tell you straight up the mixtape gon be whack as fuck
Whatever, we on that shit right now
Like for real tho
So I suggest you hit me back or else uh
A gun in your mouth, BLAP!

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