Calla Rise Lyrics

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Surely it's a waste of time
Now hold me highly I suppose it's fine
I feel worthy cause I've gained your trust
I've done it for myself

I have beaten on a cold dead horse
I have wandered down a blind mans course
I have promised everything would be fine
I don't say this to no one else

If I fail, if I rise, will you trail behind?
If I fail, if I rise, will you trail behind?

That would really make me smile
Where's that scratch from, did you get it in a fight?
I have told you over over again
You should stand up for yourself

Straight up wasn't that your size
No don't worry I can see in your eyes
Strengthend numbers as if ...
Don't say this to...

Strength in Numbers Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Sanctify
  • 2 Defenses Down
  • 3 Sylvia's Song
  • 4 Sleep in Splendor
  • 5 Rise
  • 6 Stand Paralyzed
  • 7 Bronson
  • 8 Malo
  • 9 Malicious Manner
  • 10 A Sure Shot
  • 11 Le Gusta El Fuego
  • 12 Simone
  • 13 Dancers in the Dust
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