Nine Inch Nails Ringfinger Lyrics

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Well you've got me working so hard lately.
Working my hands until they bleed.
If I was twice the man I could be.
I'd still be half of what you need
Still you lead me and I follow
All of your back up to your chin.
Over to the tip of your switchblade as you pull it out and stick it in.

(Twist Twist Twist) we can go a little deeper.
(Twist Twist Twist) I'm wearing these chains.
(Twist Twist Twist) you make it hurt real good.
(Twist,Twist,Twist) I love the pain.

Well you just leave me nailed here.
Hanging like Jesus on the cross.
I'm just dying for your sins.
And aiding to the cause.


Wrap my soul in bandages.
I'm tired of this war.
Go ahead and cut me.
I can't even feel it anymore.


Written by: Michael Reznor

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