Charlatans UK Right On Lyrics

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We live inside a dream - a certain bliss
Tonight I saw a shooting star
Thought of this

You're playing out the past - You can't live without
Turning all your good ideas into doubt
I know you're blind you can't seem to understand
The way in which the purest form is in my hand
You call, call it ain't right,I won't have this
You're singin' all your World War songs, go buy a kiss

Right on right on thru the darkness, there is a hope
Right on right on thru the darkness, there is pure vision

I am blind and I can't seem to understand
But tonight I had the clearest thought I have ever had
I am sitting on a spoon, I shed a tear
No Lord above can save my home from the fear
Keep it, keep it on, keep it clear
No Lord above can save your soul from the fear
Right on right on, my pride is my own
Go give your last piece of pie to the chicken run


I had a talk with a little little thing
The purest chinese ancient face came sailin' in
He said boy you ain't no good
Your present scene, you curl up and you crawl right back inside the dream

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