SRH Rigamotris Lyrics

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I’m killin shit for the simple fact that I’m crazy
I’m spittin this shit like bullets, I’m getting rappers to hate me
Somehow I just put it down in a fashion that makes a make me
Make em dudes finally casket themselves in cemetery
When they all dead and buried it’s getting scarier quick
Area 51 with the flow, alien shit
Every day I’m the shit like I never buy any tissue
I’m feeling high as a bitch pumpin helium in the nipples
I make some observations, that don’t make em my griffle
I dribble the king’s court winnin this superficial
Beginning of something, you couldn’t found them if you went through
I’m winnin cuz nothing good ever stopped, ain’t no issue why I live through
Plain and simple got white heads like pimples
Black heads fill me to one of these injures like a splinter
Bring in the money printers
I wanna see them dollars like a holiday stripper
You fuckin with some lame shit, you be on the same shit
As the next man I lick the sherry dam anus
I ain’t even famous, but you know well what my name is
Let me tell you what all the meanings of that’s outrageous
Shortest rapper here, spittin raw heat
Something like hands slapping rappers on the beat
But loss of raptor on the beat
I’m a master on the beat
While you sit and masturbate to all my records on repeat
I’m fuckin with these rappers, it’s fun as a motherfuck
I’m jumpin on the back and sakin em with an uppercut
Tell princess to suck a duck
While I take your princess and undress then umm
Uh I ain’t gonna finish that
Rigamortis to the bars where I killed the rap
And I be so dup and it’s lit me up
You pay me the way that I rip you up
Fisty cuffs, boy I’d rather have my fuckin fisty cuffs

You know it’s on
I got em out here singing my song
You know it’s on
You know it’s on

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