Jawga Boyz Ridin' High Lyrics

Kuntry Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Dirty For Weeks
  • 2 Banks of the River
  • 3 Rollin' Like A Redneck
  • 4 Far From Over
  • 5 Keep Ridin' On
  • 6 Ridin' High
  • 7 Day Is So Long
  • 8 All The Girls Wanna Ride
  • 9 Trip 2 Mexico
  • 10 Can't See My Paint Job
  • 11 Those Were The Days
  • 12 This Far
  • 13 Muddy Roads
  • 14 Stranger
  • 15 Look Inside Yourself
  • 16 Another Red Light
  • 17 Buckle Up Or Bow Down
  • [Hook: (x8)]
    We jack em up
    Then we ridin' high

    Jawga Boyz we riding high
    We back in the jacked up trucks
    Ridin' on 44s mud on the doors
    And our plan is to get stuck
    On the phone call up the boyz
    Let them all know to bring them toys
    Got a wench on the front if you need tow
    And straight pipes that make some noise

    We comin' from a mile a way you can hear them roar
    Got knobby tires we ridin' higher than we ever did before
    If you want a ride then I got to say hop in at your own discrection
    Cuz some of have told me that these seats are in the nose bleed section
    Got a 12 guage on the black glass and it's ready to go
    When I am on the road I never know when I'll see a buck or a doe
    Dip in my lip, and a cup of spit in the middle console
    Still gettin' hunnies scarin' bunnies you already know
    Ha ha
    Soulja's truck, gonna keep on rollin' down the road
    And it ain't no joke, cuz jawga boyz are as good gold
    So take some notes when you hear us flow and see the mud hangin on the door
    My truck ain't slow and it ain't for show, cuz!

    [Hook: (x8)]
    We jack em up
    Then we ridin' high

    Deep down in the woods
    High like the trees
    A bunch of rednecks
    We don't have no damn degrees
    And I'm reppin' for the sticks
    I'm reppin' for us hicks
    I'm talkin' about us folks who have never seen rich
    My chevy truck is jacked up
    A mud hole make me act up
    Snatch it tight slack up
    I'm slingin' mud
    Ya'll back up
    It's true it ain't no lie
    My chevy's high on 45s
    Cruzin dui, you know I'm sippin' apple pie
    Got that wheelie, rompin loud
    Black and camo on my ride
    Yeah that georgia flag flys cuz I'm known to show my pride
    Yeah we creep and we crawl
    Country click yelling yee haw
    I've had some slips and falls, due to too much alcohol
    Yeah my truck sits tall, sayin I'm scarin at the focus
    Grippin mud and climbin rocks still can't find a way to roll it
    Now I'm with these jawga boyz and we ridin' tonka toys
    With them big trucks big tires, we jack em up and.

    [Hook: (x8)]
    We jack em up
    Then we ridin' high

    44s, big trucks, camo paint, big bucks
    Nuts on my truck hitch, I'm draggin them in the mud rutts
    Just some ol country boys, high like the pine trees
    And you can bet this be the last of a dying breed
    Southern blood, runs through my veins we some rebel boys
    Cross the river you ain't heard bottleneck and them jawga boyz
    Comin' through on the tonka toys riding high and jacked up
    Slangin mud like the hubs we got that mack cuz
    Raw dog in the Georgia Clay jacked up is how we play
    This is how we do it buck we keep em southern raised
    Stuck in our southern ways, stayin in the desperate days
    We riding high and jack em up they ain't no other way
    Better grip that steerin' wheel gonna make that chevy squeel
    True gritty country boys hick life you know it real
    We on that southern grind, we jacked up all the time
    We ridin in the sky,

    [Hook: (x8)]
    We jack em up
    Then we ridin' high

    Yeah we riding high!

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