Nappy Roots Ride Lyrics

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Yeah, sometimes you just gotta ride

I'm headed to Savannah, the sun rise there
And somethin' tellin' me that I should be somewhere near
I met somebody daughter, played in her water
The lake was too salty and I'm not Cal Carver
I was born hard in the paint where the stars hang out
Just to find out that what they buy ain't bought
And then I found me, stunt and go the same route
I do this for the love, you can throw the fame out
A tear still a tear, even when I change house
And I am hip-hop, even when I claim south
What'chu think we all look the same, game is bad
Cause now we all fightin' for the same damn spot
Go'on, do da "Stanky Leg"
It's better than talkin' bout shootin' people in the head
I'm headed out to Oakland, the sun lies there
And somethin' tellin' me that I should be somewhere near
Where we goin'?


Just like you thought it wasn't gon' bop
Yup, it's how I know it wasn't gon' flop
Sometimes you got to give it all you got
Even though a few folk keep wishin' that you stop
But after that, another classic we gon' drop
And I ain't talkin' bout no fancy mansion or no yacht
Just a quarter pound of pot on my forty acre lot
Wit my Caddy coupe and drop, and a Range Rover spot
I mean sport, sometimes I lose my train of thought
But I'm back again and promise that every track is hot
We gon' hit some traffic headed to the top
So we gon' take another route and simply creep right past the cops
And the haters man, they comin' for my spot
But we don't have to talk, come on get it while it's hot
Fresh out the skillet, never feel it or you're not
We gon' verti-cal grille it, watch me sell it on the block


The sun don't move, the earth don't stop
The stars do drop, and they house foreclose
Cars repo'ed, business get towed
Probably be a friend and sell the story out the bowl
Then they can't see theyself back in the hood
Can't let they friends know they not doin good
See you lay low, and focus on ya kids
Hope somebody remember somethin' that ya did

And if they did, then you gon' trip
Grind for seven days a week, and then you watch it flip
Legit is wicked clean, that's how it seems that the chips
Gotta dig a little deep, you wanna see about the grit
The grass gets mighty green by the fence
Which side is the question? I'm headed that direction
Knowledge is the weapon, and I use it for protection
If you think I'm really slippin', then run up and learn ya lesson

The Pursuit of Nappyness Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Welcome to the Show
  • 2 Do It Big
  • 3 Fishbowl
  • 4 Be Alright
  • 5 Infield
  • 6 How I Do
  • 7 The People
  • 8 Ride
  • 9 Live & Die
  • 10 Back Home
  • 11 Know Bout Me
  • 12 Right Place, Right Time
  • 13 Winner Take All
  • 14 Paint a Picture
  • 15 P.O.N. (Pursuit of Nappyness)
  • 16 All 4 You

  • Written by: George Jones, Starleana Endia Young, Stephen Washington, Mark Hicks, Daniel Webster, Raymond Guy Turner, Mark Adams, Graham Vernon Massey, Gerald Simpson
    Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Ultra Tunes, BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC

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