Angel feat. Sneakbo Ride Out Lyrics

7 Minutes Before Time Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Gleamin'
  • 3 Raining Girls
  • 4 Popstar
  • 5 Bottles
  • 6 Hard
  • 7 Ride Out
  • 8 Go In, Go Hard
  • 9 Ladder
  • Intro
    [Verse 1 : Angel]

    Baby lets ride out, get lost till we can't see signs that's heading to London,no more
    I'm getting so tired
    It's like all the hates and chit chats getting me fired (up more)

    Cause I don't wanna put up no longer
    I'm building up my future
    If I stay it can get crazy tonight
    Don't wanna take no wrong roads
    And end up sitting behind those four walls
    So if I stay it can get crazy tonight

    (oh no) I don't wanna be here for another minute
    (oh no) Baby lets get up and out of here
    (oh no) See I need space I need to breathe for a minute
    (oh no) Baby lets get up and out of here
    Out of here baby out of here [x4]

    I need a break I need a long long holiday
    Kicking out piffing on my bitch with some rozay
    No feds and no beef I'm low key
    Chilling in the sun I think I met my new wifey
    Spicy pretty hot mama yeah she fine
    When we're in the dark she be glowing like a light
    She smokes I guess we're both hypes
    I'm the gyaldem sugar I make them go wild (they go nuts)
    I'm on a holiday walking in my flip flops
    Everybody knows me cause I made another hit drop
    I'm ghost mode you can catch me on a tv
    Come to my shows if you really wanna see me
    Hard times now my money's stacking up
    Plus the whips that I drive they're sounding like trucks
    So no trapping and no gang banging
    Right now I'm fucking chicks
    Pushing whips and rapping


    [Verse 2 : Angel]
    And Baby lets ride out
    No clutch got my foot right down ain't watching no camera's today
    So girl don't look back and wait
    Cause you won't miss them when finding a new place to stay


    [Hook then fade out]

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