Valhalla Ride of Norsemen Lyrics

Once Upon a Time Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Awakening
  • 2 Ride of Norsemen
  • 3 Metalopolis
  • 4 Resurrection (Shadow of the King - Part 2)
  • 5 Egypt
  • 6 The Outlaw
  • 7 To the Other Side
  • 8 Born by Metal
  • 9 The Oak
  • 10 Hymn of Victory
  • 11 Humans
  • Ride Of Norsemen

    [M/L: Jevo]

    We sailed the North Sea up and down
    Spreading norman piracy
    Searching for conquest and for loot
    Reached the Mediterranean sea

    Reckless and daring vikings
    Pirates of northern lands
    Searching for gold and treasures
    Wild men of war

    Side by side - by means of hard axe blows
    One by one - they fell to the ground
    Side by side - with swords strokes and arrows
    One by one - to die suffering were they bound

    Founding reigns in Irish lands
    Up the Seine we took Paris
    The wrath of Odin did we bring
    Burning towns from France to Greece

    By drakkars crossed the oceans
    Boarding warships and boats
    Inland we raped and plundered
    Thirsty for blood

    Side by side - with power of Norsemen
    One by one - their ships did we burn
    Side by side - we sailed up the rivers
    One by one - destroying the towns we found

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