Z-Ro Ride 2 Night Lyrics

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[Hook] How many niggaz, wanna ride tonight Fuck with me, it'll be a homicide tonight I'ma make me a motherfucker, slide tonight And put a swelling on his pimping, ride out tonight [Z-Ro] Back in 1994, I use to hustle all the time Instead of a woman, Ro had making money on his mind Now it's 2000 and 3, and ain't a thang changed I'm still fishing for feddy, bringing to make brains hang Nigga this Rap-A-Lot Mafia, for life my nigga Fuck over us, and you'll be looking for your life my nigga I garuntee, that you will lose it (cause I'm a motherfucking fool with my hand tool, and I'm not afraid to use it) Cause everyday, a nigga be busting for fun When I be clutching my guns, bullets get stuck in they lungs Who that talking down on the compound, what they smoking on Mo City inner-circle, will leave a bitch with broken bones United together, forever As long as Little J give me the go-ahead, I'ma brandish my Baretta So one mo' kill one mo' murder, one mo' homicide Challenge my authority, and I'ma show you how to ri
de [Hook] [Z-Ro] Mo City motherfucker, run and hide I got 17 in the clip, plus I got one inside The chamber leaving no remainders, I display myself And put my mask on up in my glass house, like a receiver on my cash route Until I'm paid, living in the ghetto is hard So I take what I need, and seek forgiveness of the Lord Can I get a blessing, niggaz is stressing me out But when I open fire, seem like they be helping me out And not a nan-nother one of these fellas, be still bumping Clear the parking lot, ain't nobody left but I'm still dumping (automatic twin bitches, out the window Cause I be tripping on that cousin, and that endo) In a world of my own my nigga, I'm a G in these streets And if you looking for me bitch, I'ma be in these streets It ain't no hiding from the shadow of death, it's do or die Go to war with a killa, and I'ma show you how to ride [Hook] [Z-Ro] I'ma show you motherfuckers, how to ride Let a motherfucker disrespect me, I'ma show a motherfucker how to slide (hoping some of that, ca
use I will lose it Got a firearm, and I'm able to use it) Shoot first, and never ask questions later on This life I'm living, one day you here the next day you gone Become a memory fucking with me, plus I'm thugging to the finish line Fuck what they going through, they gon give me mine A ton and a half, of leave me alone Coming at me your members too nervous, to come see me alone Where the real niggaz at, where the real niggaz at Cause these coward motherfuckers, got me watching my back And everytime, I woop a nigga's ass I gotta watch out for the reprocussion, don't be a victim when a bitch nigga blast I'm on my P's and Q's, at all times Come and see me motherfucker, I'ma show you how to ride [Hook] (*talking*) How many niggaz wanna ride tonight, fucking with Z-Ro It's fa sho, to be a homicide tonight I be damned, if I let a motherfucker get out of line with me And I don't pull his co-tail, fuck around and slap the shit out a motherfucker Bitch you better back-back, give me fifty Mo' than fifty feet thoug
h, bitch you better give me fifty mo'fucking kilometers Give me fifty miles mo'fucker, you don't wanna be around me man When my face frown up, cause your bitch ass'll be face up from the ground up Feel me R.I.P., rest in peace hoe ass niggaz Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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