Anekdoten Ricochet Lyrics

Gravity Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Monolith
  • 2 Ricochet
  • 3 The War Is Over
  • 4 What Should But Did Not Die
  • 5 SW4
  • 6 Gravity
  • 7 The Games We Play
  • 8 Seljak
  • Hear me breathe
    From the other room
    So which of all the lies you told
    Should I keep as my own?
    The metaphors are lost on me
    What I see is what I see
    The earth is moving - time to say goodbye?

    Only sky ahead
    Love's so hard to find
    I saw it coming,
    Saw it go wailing down the line

    Will I see you again?
    A window closed, an opened door
    Some seven steps away
    My actions caught up finally
    Beyond the watchword wait and see
    Beyond the undecisive ways of mine

    Only sky ahead
    Love's so hard to find
    I saw it come and saw it go
    Somewhere down the line
    Down the line

    The dream machine's on speed
    My head's up in the clouds
    We met up on the ledge
    And I could read your mind
    And though things fall asleep
    Nothing ever dies
    I caught it on the bounce
    And now we float
    - Hands outstretched -
    Along the river
    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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