Plies Rich Folk Lyrics

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[Chorus: x2]
I'm sick of this **** dog, I'm tired of being broke,
I wanna live like the rick folks,
I want the house with the big boat,
I wanna wake up one mornin' ain't gotta sell dope

I'm tryin' to stay hood but I ain't tryin' to die here,
I need to be able to spend money with out fear,
The kinda money I can bawl for the whole year,
I wanna crib so big I can disappear,
I want the marble floors with the hangin' chandeliers,
I need to be able to drink yak instead of beer,
I don't want a deck behind my house I want a pier,
I want a walk in closest, a closet full of gear,
I wanna be able to buy 4 new whips every year,
And leave the TV runnin' dog while I ain't here,
I ain't gotta worry bout the bills cause the money there,
I wanna live like the rich folks up in here

[Chorus: x2]

When a ***** tell you he likes sellin' dope hes a damn lie,
Cause if he did then he'd sell dope for no price,
We just willin' to take chances and get by,
Ain't like we like to do it, we gotta sell by,
Cause if you don't theres a good chance you goin' to die,
All we need is a lil' money and we alright,
Cause most *****s just want a piece of the good life,
The worst feelin' is the **** you can't buy,
Whats fillet mion when you ain't got the money to try,
All that miracle **** don't work for my kind,
One thing about us we like to shine,
Guess you shouldn't expect **** if you don't wanna grind

[Chorus: x2]

**** hood rich, I wanna be rich for real,
I don't want no gun I want a million ****in' dollar bills,
Be in mind its brand new and sit it on the edge,
Walk into my sons room, and you can't tell if its mine or his,
I want my son to be the first one with a wheel,
I want to send my son to collage and pay it up for four years,
Let the streets be mad and tell 'em he ain't real,
The ************s hate you when good is how you live,
Cause nine days broke is what the streets call real,
The same ************s who cant pay there ****in' bills,
Take it from me being broke, that ain't trill
It feels even better bein' worth a couple mil

[Chorus: x2]

Written by: Algernod Washington, Delvin Alexander, Ronell Levatte, Alexander Martin
Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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