Ultramagnetic MC’s Rhythm X Lyrics

Mo Love's Basement Tapes Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 People Can Talk
  • 2 Rhythm X
  • 3 Message in the Music
  • 4 Kool Keith Wild
  • 5 Fuck You
  • 6 Delta Force
  • 7 Wack MC's
  • 8 Intermission
  • 9 Talkin Out Ya Ass
  • 10 Watch Your Back
  • 11 Freestyle
  • 12 You Ain't Shit
  • 13 Sheriff Is Scared
  • 14 D to the N
  • [Kool Keith]
    Well it's my time, chill out the rhyme as the whack unroll
    But I get nice, use the mic when I'm braggin bold
    I'm W mega, to the L to the S-O
    Kickin MC's in the face like Jim Kelly
    While Keith use the cold cuts in DJ's from the deli
    In a sandwich, cooked up, baked up and wrapped up
    Aluminum foil, MC's I gotta boil
    Bake, burn heat 'em, eat 'em, chop 'em beat 'em
    Down to the sound as it blows in your brain though
    I look at MC's, walk away and my brain blow
    A UFO object unidentified
    I'm takin your skull on a journey to another ride
    The aplha omega, but the X is live and
    But they can't see the swift style that I've been
    Effect on their stereo, with mega material
    Cap'n Crunch DJ, I mix 'em up like cereal
    Back in the format, and radio fess
    Rhythm X, back to flex, stamp X and break necks
    And eat up the Wheat Chex
    You know who I am?

    {*repeat: "Rhythm X, the X"*}

    Yo X this is Superior M
    The mad dog, Tim, TR
    Yo step to 'em again on that 74 degree angle

    [Kool Keith]
    I be the Rhythm X flower, stutter steppin to 'em
    Breakin the law the chain style connects
    One rhyme, maybe if one more time or two
    Rappers are whack for you and so will I laugh at you
    Ha ha ha ha ha, giggle giggle
    Hmmmmm, excuse me while I cough
    AHUH~! Then I break on MC's
    One at a time they'll send me 84 rappers
    Watch 'em go back and turn to 84 crappers
    Feet tappers, bitin fist snappers
    I stamp X above, the letter K
    But you can't see the alphabet in a better way
    The style arranger, super and flexible
    Connect a sector, with lyrics and metaphor
    Stackin a beat like a truck full of Wonder Bread
    Listen up close you'll hear the rhyme that thunder said
    I be the X, X for execution
    X'n 'em out with heavy rhyme confusion
    Pickin up styles to bake bombs I drop doe
    For whack MC's your toy albums'll plop doe
    But you got a nerve, comin bustin some other rhyme
    Young MC style, or maybe your brother rhymes
    Who wrote that shit for you?
    That ain't you, but see the X wanna know
    I get mad cause you lyrically can't flow
    You're like a toy, He-Man or G.I. Joe
    Wait a minute and stop it, hold it, chill
    Yo... you wanna get ill?
    Hey you with the glasses, hey you with the Kangol
    Hey you with the big head, hey you with the suit on
    Hey you with the panties, c'mere fish face
    When I'm on stage, play me like 3rd Bass
    You know who I am?

    {*repeat: "Rhythm X, the X"*}

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