Spoon Rhythm And Soul Lyrics

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Come loosen up,
So hung up
Come count them ways to brether

The winter
Gets cold in ways you always forget

Oh you know
Hmm the rhythm and soul
Get your hands in your back pockets,
Boy let it go

Here comes the man,
you saw in Kazan,
He just picks in his coat
Oh no, rhythm and soul

Dollars and cents and no accident
Not in the name of democracy
Come get there, come be there
Come let your socks fall down to your shoes

Oh you know
The rhythm and soul
Get your ankles moving in their sockets
Oh there you go

And here comes the man,
He bought a gift from Kazan
He can't leave it alone
Oh no, rhythm and soul

When you take a picture and it falls in her lap, oh no no
Take another picture and you're springing a trap, oh no no
You miss home

You can't back this at your ride
Change of tide
And you're wise, you're wise
rhythm and...

Tract houses
Square couches
Short legs and square shoulders

Pot holders
Aching soldiers
Your tank rollers
Your all overs

And you know
Ooh the rhythm and soul
Get your fingers moving their sockets,
Tune in Tokyo

You're just the man
The one I saw in Kazan
Tonder what this book will throw
Oh no, the rhythm and...
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