Jamie McDell Rewind Lyrics

I remember waiting for those aeroplanes to cross the sky
Lie in golden grass and savour every moment we're alive
A day in summer when the music played a different kind of song
Oh, whoa

Nervous whisper as you ask me if I'd be your favourite girl
The painful memory of singing that we'd sail around the world
Now I'm wondering why I couldn't see how much I had to learn
Oh, whoa

And rewind five times
So I can make it that we never met
And go back in time
So I can change the day I let you in
Rewind five times

All my memories of you are tinted with a shade of grey
Didn't know that I was capable of taking love away
Now in winter all I hope for is some day I'll let it go
Oh, whoa

Every part of me is saying I should leave the past behind
But the hardest thing is trying to keep your face out of my mind
All my energy is wasted on another summer lie
Oh, whoa


Release me from this never-ending hole
You've started war without a worthy cause
You crossed the line, I'm ready to let go
Erase it all before my mind explodes


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