Yukmouth Revelationz Lyrics

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It is I that you see.
Little boys an girls.... Revelationz.
Why do the good die young, an the bad mutha ****as live fo ever?
'cause *****, we livin on hell *****.
This is hell mutha ****as.

Verse 1

All my life it's like I'm ****in around wit the wrong people
make a movie about my life an it be a long sequel
bout people livin off free-be's an brick cheese
that's how that **** be's, out here you have to grind to get g's
no Bently flippin less yo name is Felix Mitchell listen
little boys an girls my mama could barely pay the ****in rentin
my daddy is surely gotta be somewhere in this world pimpin
white *****es fo doe, he was a jiggalo livin in women
he used to take me an my Village potnas to go swimmin
he drove a BMW, they father drove a lemon
***** in the end my mama kept spendin money on gin an drugs
I had to sleep on the ****in rug where the roaches was
I hung wit thugs always rollin dice an pumpin gas
to get some cash
you had to store the coke, we mop his ***
my pops would give me cash, but my mama would take it from me
if I didn't give it to her, she'd beat my *** butt-naked homie
the only way I would see a movie was out wit the homies
I'm always bummy, had no money, they would pay it fo me
my daddy told me when I was very young
that he was on the run, I heard him mention somethin about Colombians
an I could come stay wit him if I didn't like the way that moms treat me
I juss didn't like the way that moms beat me
wit Tonka toys, in front of my boys hit me wit objects
so I juss
got to sky the **** up out these projects
I left behind my moms an sisters so relentless
never thought they'd get evicted an be sleepin on benches
my pops was on some pimp ****, sewin up Frisco on novero
5-0 kicked down the door, he flushed the elbow
there goes another ***** straight to the pen
by the age 10, done lived wit every relative, an friend I know
here I go again
livin wit my grama, then my auntie
my uncle
where ever I go *****s would gank me fo my bundle
swindle my check, wit Section 8 an medi-cal benefits
but me I wasn't gettin ****
spend my **** on nay kids
that's what they did
**** relatives
if I don't do my thang now, I never lived
never gone get it if you sit on yo ***
so **** math class
I'm on the Ave wit crack fo that ***
like son like dad
I love the smell of money, hash an zig-zags
look at the back of my ***, beat the sag, it's big cash
involved but
we all get caught up an sent to juvenille halls
scrape yo turf on the wall, in county drawls
my mama abused alcohol
my pops an inmate
an me I'm sweepin halls to intake
my mama carried the weight ain't seen my pops since '86
every year, in an outta jail fo crazy ****
so much shady **** done happened to me, I can't put it behind me
the Lord took my mama life in '93
God bless her soul
'cause she was caught up in a, house hold fire at a rehab so we sued they
this **** makin me mad
high *** lawyer we had Melvin Bell, I tried to tell my sister that he'd
get paid half
settlement, me 56 G's
my big sister 56 G's
my little sister 106 G's
Ripley's won't believe that for the life of my mama they only gave us a
quarter a mill ticket to split
I can't deal wit this ****
I wish you was here to see me get this deal wit Chris, an Noo-Trybe
mama you died I cried
'cause you missed
the gold an platinum plaques
I bet you never thought yo little black *** son could rap
now I'm breakin off scratch
an burnin zags wit Sparkle
that's my little sister askin the Lord why did you make her life so
next thing you know my pops go
in '95 he died of AID's
it's either suicide of cry fo days
an weeks an months
blowin blunts, keep away flashes
no funeral caskets, juss two vases wit ashes
I ask if, he spare my life
'cause all I got is my nieces, my two sisters, an my wife
recite behind the mic the type of **** that *****s like
fo the first time in my life I'm makin bread, doin it right
but at night seems like I'm hunted
probably because jackmoves an licks I've done it
what goes around comes around, hollow point tip rounds to my stomach
screamin at Summit
that's how you busta *****s want it
but I still juss get blunted in big six hundreds
*****s done, done it
done deal *****, been there like Dre
blowin hay in the air on the free-way
forgive me God is what I would say
I gotta lot of days to count
blessed, went from claimin sets wit yay up in my mouth
see task an bounce
now I blow hash at half an ounce
smoke out to the facial blessed to be livin on hell mutha ****a!

'cause this is hell *****.
If you ain't know, *****.
This hell *****.
Right now.
*****, done deal.
Done deal.
This live.
Every ***** done had this **** happen to 'em, you know what I'm sayin.
All my potnas, every ***** I tell that I went through, they do, done did
the same ****.
Let's do it, juss salute *****s.
Juss do our thang, **** everybody, let's ride this ****.
Do yo t hang blaze, get shermed out all that ****, whatever.
Mushrooms an ****, Xtacy's an all that ****, let's get high an juss
reminise about all that dangerous **** we done went through.
An ask yoself...."why the **** am I here?"
'cause this is hell *****.
An the good die early, an the mutha ****in bad stay fo ever, 'cause yo ***
on hell *****, 'cause you a bad mutha ****a like me.
Done deal, uh, uh.
(livin in hell, dead mutha ****as, uh)
(livin in hell, dead *****s dwell, uh) 2x
this Earthel is hell mutha ****a.
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  • Written by: Mike Dean, Jerold D Jr. Ellis, Anthony Douglas Gilmour
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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