Kaledon Revelation Lyrics

Legend of the Forgotten Reign - Chapter II: The King's Rescue Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 In the Time
  • 2 Shadow of Azrael
  • 3 Black Sun
  • 4 The Abduction
  • 5 Sad Destiny
  • 6 Valley of the Death
  • 7 Revelation
  • 8 Escape From the Jail
  • 9 Home
  • 10 The New Kingdom
  • 11 New Soldiers for a New Army
  • 12 Revenge
  • 13 A Frozen Dawn
  • 14 The Second Fall
  • The men call me "The Dragon",
    One name among my names,
    and the wind carries them away.
    I am the Force of Life,
    the Fire of the Life
    that burns inside every shining heart...

    My Great King, listen me,
    I can you reveal
    All your kingdom will be free
    and we will be there together
    This is the home of my sons,
    This is the power of my love,
    This is the burning, spreading flame,
    The holy flame of Kaledon...

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