The Samples Return To Earth Lyrics

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Life's ok, even though it fades away.
The day was dark and it faded into gray.
Took my name and I walked it all around.
To return…

Where I found all the other worlds.
In the ground, living in the dirt.
Took my name, and I washed it all away.
To return to the earth.

You're not sleeping.
You're not dreaming.
And it's ok.

Broken down, in [the road of care?]
Came around even if my friends would stare.
Buts it's ok because it brings me all back down
Round again…

You're not sleeping.
You're not dreaming.
And it's ok.

It quiet now, waves may soak the shore.
Looked around, couldn't see you any more.
So I wrote my name, as I wrote it in the sand.
Waves they came, and removed it from the land.
Return to Earth Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Wild River (Colorado)
  • 2 Our Time
  • 3 Castle Walls
  • 4 Great Blue Ocean (feat. Boyd Tinsley)
  • 5 World of Machines
  • 6 Landing on the Sidewalk
  • 7 Return To Earth
  • 8 The Class of 1979
  • 9 Water Under the Bridge
  • 10 Tom Joad
  • 11 Nature of the Beast
  • 12 Lonely Soul
  • 13 Radio Song
  • 14 Save It for a Rainy Day
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