Rockie Fresh Respected Lyrics

Driving 88 Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Into the Future
  • 2 Driving 88
  • 3 Never Never
  • 4 Dont Worry
  • 5 You a Lie
  • 6 Turn It Up
  • 7 Twenties
  • 8 How We Do
  • 9 Come Around
  • 10 No Fear
  • 11 Respected
  • 12 Interlude
  • 13 Where I Wanna Be
  • 14 Doesn't Matter
  • 15 I Love It
  • 16 So Long
  • [Verse 1:]
    Yeah, I'm in a fly T and a denim jacket, if I want it I can have it
    I'll be getting girls with magic, I ain't gotta swipe my plastic
    Yeah, being me is such a habit
    I ain't never fronting, so the people back it
    I treat my women right, they be coming back
    When they start talking wife, then I'm done with that
    I just wanna give 'em wood like a lumberjack
    Focus on my grind and be everywhere the lumber's at

    [Hook: x2]
    I know you're fresher than the next bitch, that's with ease
    I see you looking at the exit, so let's leave
    And don't feel you're ever reckless, there's no need
    Just know you'll always be respected, by me

    [Verse 2:]
    I'm in my gold watch, gold chain, throwing gold on everything
    That's your wifey right? I peep that gold up on her wedding ring
    Wanna ride? Let me bang, to drive insane
    I take her higher so she feeling like she rode a plane
    Lil' mama, what's my name? Say it one more 'gain
    I beat it up, now hit this [?] to ease the pain
    Spin it like a hurricane, [?] make it rain
    Every time I get a chance, I'm a always do my thing
    And she's saying that she heard of me
    Now we having hot sex in the third degree
    In that Porsche 911, no emergency
    Starting to feel like this shit could work for me

    [Hook x2]

    Sometimes you gotta let it breathe

    [Verse 3:]
    Could you blame me for feeling like the one
    Shining hard, all these other niggas here is [?]
    [?] they couldn't get a job at Papa John's
    This is just the way I'm living 'til it's all said and done
    And I hit these girls up, I know it's time for some action
    Switch it up, now we doing things on the Jacksons
    True satisfaction, the laws of attraction
    Babe, you gotta love how this shit's starting to happen

    [Hook x2]

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