Hades Resist Success Lyrics

The Lost Fox Studio Sessions Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Leaders?
  • 2 Sweet Revenge
  • 3 Nightstalker
  • 4 Resist Success
  • 5 Gamblin' With Your Life
  • 6 Deter My Nation
  • 7 Rape of Persephone
  • 8 Not a Part of Your Life
  • 9 Bete Noir
  • 10 Throughout Me, Threw Out You
  • 11 Amerasian Reparation
  • 12 King in Exile
  • 13 Opinionate!
  • 14 A
  • 15 Easy Way Out
  • Defeat our purpose
    But just which fate is worse?

    How long can we go on?
    We cannot sell ourselves
    We'll take it on our terms
    No easy path to resist success
    You sell out, cash flows in
    Your sickly glitter grin

    You've only got one chance
    To take it all the way
    Relax, don't go so fast
    Why get so carried away?
    Resist, now don't tell me what to do
    Success, I'll never ever leave it up to you

    We may not change the world
    Who said we wanted to?
    Don't curse in ignorance
    Fearful of something new
    Oh, open up your mind
    Success is self-defined
    Do what your heart commands
    Despite what they demand
    Resist Success
    Resist Success
    Don't stay within their lines
    Don't scramble for the dollar signs
    They'll find you if you're deserving
    If your course is unswerving
    Outweigh the possibility
    Of market stability
    You are the path to resist success

    Written by: Tecchio Lorenzo
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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