The Gamits Reset Lyrics

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You're stuck inside my head. There's a loop repeating all you said.
Why should I care what anybody thinks? I've done all I can there's nothing left to see here
so we'll throw expectations aside and then start it all over.

Someone hit the reset. I don't care what he said, no.
Nothing ever mattered before. I could always ignore all the things I don't wanna know.
Someone hit the reset. I don't care what she said, no.
I can say whatever I feel just as long as it's real. No rewards for crying out loud.

I wrecked myself today. I fall to pieces as I turn the page.
Like I'm beside myself pointing fingers at this empty shell.

Rose Harbor Anthems Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Reset
  • 2 Rock Machine
  • 3 Don't Make Me Show You
  • 4 All Wicked
  • 5 Guy in Club (Makes New Friend)
  • 6 Sorry Song
  • 7 Somebody's Baby
  • 8 15 Minutes
  • 9 Spec
  • 10 Last of the Mullets
  • 11 No Fun at All
  • 12 Take It on the Run
  • Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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