Waylon Jennings Reno And Me Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Reno and Me hit the freeway,south out of town on the run
Reno was driving he asked me to roll him one
I turned on the radio, I found us some sweet Emmylou
I sang the harmony,low down and out of key
Reno just howled at the moon

[Verse 2]
Somewhere outside Kansas City,on a highway that leads to Cheyenne
The radio put a song by a Mexican band
Well I guess we were lost in thoughts of brown skin girls,took a couple
Wrong turns in a row
Reno and Me just laughed and agreed
It don't matter which way you go

It don't matter which way you go,when you're calling the highway your home
Every old town is your past burning down,it don't matter which way you go

[Verse 3]
All of our old friends got married,doing all of their business in town
Climbing a ladder that leads to a hole in the ground
Reno and Me talked it all out, one thing that we'll never know
What's the point of a race where you stay in one place
Believing there's somewhere to go

[Chorus: x2] Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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