George Hamilton Iv Remember M Remember E Remember Me Lyrics

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A boy loved a little girl a long time ago
But he was shy and too afraid to tell her so
When he learned to write the first thing that he did
Was sendin' note to her and this is what it said
Remember the M remember the E put them together and remember me
Cause Y-O-U knows you know who never love anyone else but you

The dreams were too big for my love to fill
She wanted the rich boy who lived upon the hill
I told her that his gold and fancy limousine
Could never bring the happiness that true love brings
Remember the M remember the E...
[ organ - ac.guitar ]
In the morning mail I got a faded note
The tear stained piece of paper the first words that I wrote
There was no other message there didn't have to be
She left my own words tell me she's in love with me
Remember the M remember the E...

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