The Dodos Relief Lyrics

Carrier Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Transformer
  • 2 Substance
  • 3 Confidence
  • 4 Stranger
  • 5 Relief
  • 6 Holidays
  • 7 Family
  • 8 The Current
  • 9 Destroyer
  • 10 Death
  • 11 The Ocean
  • So when you said
    That you'll be on my side
    But you left
    So I fear when I call
    Will you pick up or hide, if at all

    Until wouldn't give substance out of reach
    Tend to damages to keep up
    And some days nothing comes
    Cold page, openness
    Covered in a sense to keep up

    So, did you win?
    Is that the only time that you lose it?
    What I fear is inside
    The danger is not up there, I reply

    Heartache, window sill
    Landscape, overkill
    Intake, overfill
    From way up

    And some days maybe wrong
    Stake pains that were wrong
    Land fields, never gone
    So keep out

    Sentimental waste
    Sentimental waste

    So I sit with my wife
    Thinking of nothing much when we fight
    End the screams till we try
    I hope that this relief doesn't die

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