Sanctifica Released From Pain Lyrics

Spirit of Purity Track Listing
  • 1 Riket (The Empire)
  • 2 The Dark Desires
  • 3 Released From Pain
  • 4 Spirit of Purity
  • 5 Allhärskaren (The Emperor)
  • 6 Landscape
  • 7 The Dark Embrace of Night
  • 8 The Wanderer

  • Allene, jag vandrar igenom mörkom dal.
    Evinnerligen, jag förnimmen mitt hjärtas
    svåra kval. Jag äro omsluten av idel död och
    sorgtyngd vånda.

    Alone, I wander through this dark valley.
    Eternally, I feel the pain of my heart. I am
    embraced by sheer death and agony
    weighed down by grief.

    Within despair i will remain, until the casket
    becomes my bed. This dark embrace of
    grief, entices me with chains of red. But
    listen, hear the cries of another man in pain.
    Blood as red as the blood dripping from my chains.

    Behold, a lamb, nailed to a cross, filled with
    the sins of mankind. But still his tears are
    shining of hope, his death is not his end.
    Arisen from hades, satan enslaved, the dusk
    turned to dawn. Take his hand, reveal his
    gift, do not fear the death of mourn.

    Released by God I am, within his almighty
    strength I stand.

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