Yukmouth feat. Mad Max , Phats Bossilini , Tech N9ne , Poppa LQ & Governor Matic Regime Killers 2001 Lyrics

Thug Lord: The New Testament Track Listing
  • 1 Old Testament (Intro)
  • 2 Thug Lord
  • 3 Oh Boy!
  • 4 Clap Yo Hands
  • 5 Hi Maintenance
  • 6 Puffin Lah
  • 7 We Gone Ride
  • 8 Thug Money
  • 9 Do It Right
  • 10 World's Most Hated
  • 11 So Ignorant
  • 12 Ooh! Ooh! Donuts!
  • 13 Regime Killers 2001
  • 14 Smile
  • 15 New Testament (Outro)
  • [ Hook ]
    I got some killers on the payroll, and they know
    When it's time to handle business, nigga, lay low

    [ Phats Bossi ]
    Money to double, still in the struggle, stuck to my hustle
    We all fight back like maniacs with broke knuckles
    It's mo' trouble cause now we seein you niggas
    Paint a vivid-ass picture, Boss spittin the scriptures
    Nigga, I'm Bossi, Bosslin done turned to cash fiend
    I straight pop codeine and drink gasoline
    What what, I'm too sick for y'all
    Tatted with dragons till I fall, givin dick to y'all
    In this pitfall I'm on the grind for mine
    My people choose a life of crime, pistol-pushin with nines
    On the payroll, apply the pressure when we say so
    My troops turn wacko, shoot through your backdo'
    My life real, seen a man die slow
    And I still can't sleep, sweatin bullets fo' sho'
    So don't push me, Boss is one tough cookie
    My team Regime, pumpin them shots out a hooptie

    [ Mad Max ]
    Who down to rock with the murder plot of a cop killer
    Drop niggas, spillin they brains, rollin with hot niggas
    Rot with a club to your face for tryin to rock with us
    Straight up, get razorblade-cut for fuckin with us
    Regime superiors, Max Ju spit rhymes, strip mine interior
    Rippin your shit imperial, kill niggas' material
    My whole crew ain't fearin ya, Mad Max the High Priest
    I got some real killer muthafuckas behind me
    And I be obviously on top of things
    With the Regime I'm too clean, make it a murder scene
    Glocks and murder beam, niggas ain't never heard of me
    Burnin em to the third degree, leavin niggas in the infirmary
    Wait for recoupin, still choosin your brain, stupid
    The Dragon recruited real niggas for thug music
    So peep game and next time you speak my name
    Be prepared for incoming from the heat of the flame

    [ Hook ]

    [ Tech N9ne ]
    Regime Killer number one, I'm back up in this bitch with Yukmeez
    On the payroll so I spray those foes, make you get on your knees
    For the pesos Tech N9na ???? great holes with these
    You stay yellin you'se a merely killer for the cheese, nigga please
    Awfully sick, he tryin to fuck, so off with his dick
    Can't floss and he blitzed, molotow in his lips
    Tossin his dick in a box of chocolates and walk in his ship
    Talk to his bitch and whisper (he loved you) softer to kiss
    (He bows down) You get ???? N9ne ????
    (We wild now) You wanna rewind mine, I'm prime time
    Qwest Records tryin to hold a nigga back
    So I ???? Saafir and tellin me ???? get his shit back
    Off with their heads, let them hang high
    Caught in their beds, let it ???? die
    Tech Neen, I'm a fiend for strings by Mike Dean
    For the green I damage spleens, then I scream "Regime!"

    [ Poppa LQ ]
    Let's take a out-of-town trip with a thousand crips
    With a thousand A.K.'s and a thousand clips
    No 50 Cent can come to Cali and rob nobody
    Cause gees catch and send his ass back a cold body
    Young guns'll lay ya down regardless who you are
    Shit, we make a livin out of extortin you stars
    Robbin you for your jewelry, snatchin you out your cars
    Poverty's a plague, I rob before I beg
    But you don't expect me to score, times are hard
    You're broke but you're scared to steal and break a law
    You need not worry 'bout me, I live it raw
    A hustler with a cause, flippin paper, gotta ball
    I had to crawl before I walked but now I'm standin tall on em
    Lookin down on em, 'bout to drop my balls on em
    It's time for platinum minin, military grindin
    Right when these suckers ???? start declinin

    [ Governor Matic ]
    Yuk threw me on part 2
    Regime Brick City niggas mobbin when we come through
    Nigga, the Governor got it sowed up, spots get blowed up
    Funk Doc, Diesel Don, yo, them niggas even showed up
    As I rolled up, the nine Glock get load up
    For the hold-up, the new hundreds we fold up
    Confiscate drugs, niggas' mouths get taped up
    Kids get draped up and bitch up-slapped the make up
    Then I take up all clothes, jewels and paper
    You got 'cash money', but you don't wanna run the safe, ha?
    Nigga, don't play dumb, I'm steady gettin money from those that hold up
    Used to drink weed tea, now my shit robust
    Now hold up, car patrolled up
    It was 12 Outsidaz in a two-door Toyota
    We splatter brains over crack cocaine
    In the court we still came to pay Judge Mills Lane
    Nigga, it's not a question
    My uzi weighs a ton, 'll have you undressin
    Like you was strippin down on Western
    Killers on the payroll, pockets stay swoll
    Hearts stay cold, that's why we's on payroll

    [ Hook ]

    Regime Life, niggas
    Thug rituals
    Regime Life
    Thug Lord
    Regime Life, nigga

    [ Yukmouth ]
    Now where them toy soldiers at?
    There they go, right chea
    Get them bitches, kill them niggas, there they go, watch it
    Where them toy soldiers at? There they go, right chea
    Keep them bitches, kill them niggas, there they go, watch it
    Get that bitin-ass rapper, wanna-be actor
    Fake non-playin Basketball nigga that got dropped from the Raptors
    I spit in your face and slap ya, boy
    With a .38 kidnap ya, boy
    Ductape and wrap ya, boy
    ???? and flash ya, boy
    Lascerate and trash ya, boy
    Mash ya, boy, I hate Master P like Pastor Troy
    Shame on that nigga for tryin to steal a name from a nigga
    Ice Cream Man put flames to a nigga
    I figured by now that nigga done been broke off some scrilla for stealin that shit
    But until then I'm killin that bitch
    All you got is Snoop Dogg and Mystikal in your click
    And all them other muthafuckas are like Mystikal-in your click
    You're still in this shit, "Fuck Yuk, I ain't feelin his shit'
    But fuck you too, you fell off and I'm still in this bitch
    Willing to rip the fuckin head off a villain that's sick
    My raps burn like ghonorrhea, need penicillin to spit
    The Thug Lord, Ayatollah, fire the flame
    Rappers tired in the game, make em retire again
    Fuck gold, fuck platinum, nigga, I did that shit
    In '95 and '96, so what you did ain't shit
    Niggas go triple platinum, nigga, do some amazin shit
    Some eyebrow-risin shit and quit hatin, ya bitch
    How the fuck you a mack when you beat down hoes?
    At videos give a bad-ass bitch a bloody nose
    Nigga, ???? put you on in '84
    You was a crackhead in dirty-ass clothes with dopefiend flows
    Broke muthafucka out livin on skid row
    Nigga, you from L.A., you ain't even from the Big O
    This year them bitch-ass niggas gon' get theirs
    You swingin from my balls, why you down there smell my dick hairs
    Ya bitch
    And Dru Down, the real Mack of the Year, ya bitch-ass nigga
    Longevity that, huh

    [ Hook ]

    Regime Life, nigga
    Ya bitch!

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