Shelter Refusal Lyrics

As a youth I knew it, and yes I did bend
I wanted acceptance and friends
Confidence broken from repeated peer pressure
I'd give in again and again
And yes, I wanted love but I loved what's inside
And I remember the day when I drew that line
Between following my heart and someone else
And gaining some friends but losing myself
I refuse to bend just to impress a few
I refuse to be the one you want me to
I refuse to live the life you do, so small
Sometimes it's best not to fit in this world at all
And still as I grow, I smell defeat
As twisted shepherds herd up their sheep
Instead of challenging we lay fast asleep
When sewing apathy, disaster's what reaps
Afraid, alone and out of place, but I refuse
I won't get lured into their race, I refuse
How could a man go on and live with himself
Giving up discrimination
Our minds have been molded from all we've imbibed
We still think we make our choices in life
Media barrage ***aults our minds
Personality pruned while we're still in our prime

Written by: John Porcelly, Raymond A. Cappo
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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