Kottonmouth Kings Reefer Madness Lyrics

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All My Friends Are Stoners Everyone I Know Gets High
Maybe Theres A Reason Why Weeds Not Legalized

Why People Always Be Afraid Of What They Don't Know
I Understand Cant Comprehend The Infos So Old
The Reefer Madness Movie Was Purely Propaganda
A Movie Made To Scare All Of The Kids In Alabama
Maybe There Afraid To Think That They Might Lose Control
Instead Of Embracin Its Many Uses Performing The Medical
Its All Pathetic Though A Pharmacuetical Company
Can Make You Feel High Than Low
It Seems Its All About The Money
Funny Cuz

All My Friends Are Stoners Everyone I Know Gets High
Maybe Theres A Reason Why Weeds Not Legalized
Maybe There Afraid Of To Much Peace And Humanity
Maybe There Afraid Of Open Minds And People Free

No Rest Upon My Feet Until My People Free
When They Turn The Ganja Plant Into An Evil Weed
Its Reefer Madness

So Many Friends Have Suffered The Lies The Governments Strangle
Into The Ground Immediately Bound In Every Angle
Even The Lawmakers Makin The Laws Are Smokin The Bong And Vapin The Chronic
And Nobody Hearing The Voice Of The Weed I Find It Ironic
So How Do We Govern The Danger Of Not Becoming To Hostile
Not Losin The Mind Not Crossin The Line Not Feelin Colossal
Theres Only One Avenue We Can Be Sure That We Gettin Our Justice


We Got A Black President Before Weeds Legal
In My Mind In My Time That Shits Unbelieveable
I Love Obama I Love All People
I Just Cant Believe That A Plants Not Legal
Reefer Madness Is Useless Propaganda
Fear Is The Tool That They Use To Command Us
So Understand Us We Don't Fear No Plant


All I Been Doin Is Smokin The Kush
Harvest The Chron Sunk Two In The Bush
Perfect My Flow Pull Of The Buds
I'm Rollin Em Up There Ready To Blow
Trippin And Dippin And Smokin The Bomb Sippin The Wine
Packin My Bowl Its Down In The Hole
I'm Makin Her Cheese I'm Lettin Her Know
Rubbin It Lovin It Tastes So Good
I'm Bringin My Chainsaw Choppin The Wood (So Why They So Afraid)
Maybe Afraid Of The Weed That We're Smokin
Is Candy and Coated We're rollin' bolder
than peepin' an office that won't make it legal
stand up for my righteous, they don't believe you

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