Billy Ray Cyrus Redneck Heaven Lyrics

Take me to Redneck Heaven
When I'm dead and gone
Where my southern roots are buried
Bandstand still lives on
With some smoky pool room standing
With Jesus on the wall
Take me to Redneck Heaven
When the good Lord comes to call (comes to call, comes to call)

Mother Mary riding proud on the dashboard of my truck
To remind me to count my blessings and to pray for just a little luck
Brother Levi waits for me at the local Seven-Eleven
But just in case I don't make it there
Send me to Redneck Heaven


There I was on those sawdust streets of gold
And I saw Conway Twitty, and there was Keith Willy
Before I could Hank Williams I turned around and I was face to face
With the king of Rock and roll

You can have your streets of gold
Sawdust will do just fine
And about those singing angels
Just give me Patsy Cline
If I could only meet the king
I'll feel I've rolled a seven
Give me swingin' doors instead of pearly gates
Take me to Redneck Heaven!


Take me to Redneck Heaven
Hope I see you all

Written by: Billy Ray Cyrus, Danny Shirley, Mark Collie, Michael Joe Sagraves, Terry Shelton
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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