Dir En Grey Red Soil Lyrics

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Pressing the megaphone against the apostle's open ear
Darkness and onanists are in attendance
I press a gun against all the spectator's temple now
And my face lets out a smile every time
It's prostitution to the kids who listen from the right and out the left
Twins and seven colors of rainbow
It can't be saved, the sorrow
I question it all, why oh why?
The deception of sweetly intertwining
It's the same everywhere
The flowing of blood mixes
I sleep deeply
I carve into my heart the sins
And I live on dying
The sakura blossoms on my wrist
Your beloved self breeds on the corpse of the crow
For the people on the losing end
Is it tears of emptiness?
Burn mercy with the National Anthem and understand death by dying
Justice humps in the sheep yard
What color of skin gathers behind comfort and eats?
The earth sucks the life out and turns itself into red soil
A piece of paper and power circles around in the air
The show wound to head of a cow
It's wide open
The genitals of happiness
The neutered almighty god

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