Cypress Hill Red Light Visions Lyrics

III: Temples of Boom Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Spark Another Owl
  • 2 Throw Your Set in the Air
  • 3 Stoned Raiders
  • 4 Illusions
  • 5 Killa Hill Niggas
  • 6 Boom Biddy Bye Bye
  • 7 No Rest for the Wicked
  • 8 Make a Move
  • 9 Killafornia
  • 10 Funk Freakers
  • 11 Locotes
  • 12 Red Light Visions
  • 13 Strictly Hip Hop
  • 14 Let It Rain
  • 15 Everybody Must Get Stoned
    CD 2
  • 1 DJ Muggs Buddha Mix: Hole in the Head / How I Could Just Kill a Man / Insane in the Brain / Stoned Is the Way of the Walk / Hits From Da Bong / Hand on the Pump / Real Estate / I Wanna Get High
  • [Sen Dog]
    "(Inhales) Break that **** off *****"

    Look at all the M.C.'s trying to get down
    But all you get is a peeled back, dome cap
    I'm not the one to be having that ****
    All these punk *****s better bow down and submit
    *****s don't know how to "keep it real"
    Only if you *****s know the real deal
    **** all the bullshit, Cypress Hill
    Comes raining on your brain
    Bringing the blood stains
    Smeared on the sidewalk, one mark dome
    of the prejudice skull, hanging in my home

    "Straight to you dome sucker
    So what you want to do fool"

    The Big Game hunter, ****ing **** up
    Get your *** back down, the Hill's on the cut
    Who'll get in the circle, let's see if you're raw
    Hardcore, last vato might hit the ****ing floor
    Glocks and ?, in them one clip
    For any buster who want to flip
    Back ese ?, shining in your eye
    Soul of an ***assin, until I die (Por vida ese!)
    Red light visions in your dome piece
    Nightmares running through your head, won't cease
    Look at you now, broke down and done
    No competition can ever get none

    "Straight flip-flop, *****, flip-flop
    on your punk *** until you drop
    (Cypress Hill, coming at your grill)
    You're nothing but a **********ing time clock
    Cypress **********ing Hill
    (**** how you feel)
    It ain't but another piece to the puzzle fool!"

    Written by: Larry Muggerud, Louis M. Freeze
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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