Billy Ocean Red Light Spells Danger Lyrics

Billy Ocean / City Limit Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Tell Him to Move Over
  • 2 Stop Me (If You've Heard It All Before)
  • 3 Let's Put Our Emotions in Motion
  • 4 Let's Do It All Again
  • 5 Love Really Hurts Without You
  • 6 Whose Little Girl Are You?
  • 7 Soul Rock
  • 8 One Kiss Away
  • 9 Hungry for Love
  • 10 Eye of a Storm
  • 11 L.O.D. (Love on Delivery)
  • 12 Cream on the Top
  • 13 You're Running Out of Fools
  • 14 Mr. Business Man
  • 15 Red Light Spells Danger
  • 16 Sweet Memories
    CD 2
  • 1 Stay the Night
  • 2 What You Doing to Me
  • 3 Who's Gonna Rock You
  • 4 Maybe Tonight
  • 5 City Limit
  • 6 Are You Ready
  • 7 Whatever Turns You On
  • 8 Taking Chances
  • 9 American Hearts
  • 10 Everything's Changed
  • 11 My Love
  • Can't hold out much longer
    'Cos red light means warning
    Can't hold out I'm burning


    You took my heart anci turned me o
    And now the danger sign is on

    Never thought the day would come
    When I would feel alone without yo@
    An' now I'm like a child again
    Calling out his mama's name

    You got me on a ball and chain
    Doin' things that I don't wanta.

    I can't stop running to you
    Feel love coming through you
    with you beside me
    Hold on heaven guide me.

    Red light spells danger
    . . .
    Red light spells danger
    . . .

    I had my funk
    I played around
    Without a love to tie me down

    I always used to kiss and run
    I never wanted love to catch me.
    I thought I had a heart of stone
    But now I'm in the danger zone

    I can feel the heat is on
    Soon the flames are gonna get me.

    I can't stop running to you
    . . .

    Red light spells danger
    . . .

    Written by: Les Charles, Ben Findon
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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