Styles P feat. Jadakiss Red Eye Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Styles P]
I go with it, I'm so with it
First class flight overseas, I'm low with it
Stretching out the chair, we ain't low in it
Thinking of a house in Cali, can I grow in it?
Throw a booth in the place imagine how I flow in it
Outer-space bars, OZ's to the face y'all
Ball, bottle, hot tub, in case y'all
Plush life, laugh a lot, smile a lot
Light it up, bottle pop
Blowing kush from San Diego to Ottawa
A long way from the days I used to bottle up
(A long way)
Keeping all of my feelings bottled up
Keeping all of the guns hollowed up
Now we getting rich, getting twisted like Oliver
Money pile it up, yeah
The first go around then again when we follow up

[Hook x2: Jadakiss

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