Sixty Watt Shaman Red Colony Lyrics

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Brought blood up from the hills
Wrought iron and stone made company of me
Taught me the way of the lone

Ten thousand years of my exile
From the breast of the motherland
Please Mosigh send spacecraft again
Carry us back to our home

Great sun bleed your breath on my neck
While I strangle the vagrant
Old soul I reject imprison my steps
Towards the valley's stream yeah

A place for your landing erected
In symbols that cry to the sky
Stars mark the pathway red sand cold burn
On forgotten Martian Earth

Old fathers come save me
Your ships sailed here before
Pyramids and temples call to your angels
And long for your return

Well this red colony left here
Silenced from the mother tongue
Don't leave us like you did Egypt
Craving escape from this world

Red Colony

Seed of Decades Track Listing
CD 1
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  • 7 One More Time
  • 8 Roll the Stone
  • 9 Red Colony
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