Too $hort feat. Chyna Recognize Game Lyrics

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Well alright. Spice 1 in the hiddouse
(and Short Dawgs in the house *****).
With the L.A. Players (soldiers to the game you know?) Yeah.
(Peep game fool).
Ant Banks at the crack house
Ha ha ha better recognize game when it's in your face *****).

It's obvious mad cash got me gassed
Shark tanks and views millionaire cruise buying cars in twos
"Never lose" my motto since birth
Double up knots and crack spots
Snitches lead out by silence gun shots
Map the area I wanted to cut the ****in' cops a deal
If they don't kneel, They get peeled
*****es recognize I never have no drama with death
Bustas always try I leavin' 'em gagging spittin' up flem
Take a pen make a mil and if this **** don't sell
I still got the street powder back to flippin' flower
South Central ***** what?
The representer, damn your girl seen me comin' and ran
Young enough to be my daughter
My posse use to flip her like a quarter
To state to my man for man slaughter
Caught her in the stairway took her out the fairway
Trunked the punk ***** (That's fair play)

You've got the gangstas that I have tangled baby
***** recognize game when it's in your face
"Well alright y'all" "ha ha ha"

You think the town rid of Short?
You must be crazy, that silly **** you talkin' just don't faze me
I could make a phone call and just like that
A bunch of *****s from Oakland all on your back
I've never been a shot caller just a ***** in a crew
They call me Too Short but I'm still bigger than you *****
I been around you can take a turn but don't get burned
I've seen the tables turn
Marks turn into killers rich *****s go broke
Use to be a want to but now I'm old school Short
In the game never had the stacks since age 14
I been spittin' these raps soakin' up the game up
And even when I came up I ****ed with same folks
Still did the same stuff
***** Short Dawgs in the house
I know you want my **** 'cause it's all in your mouth


Picture the game as a quarter toss it up in the air (uh ha)
Heads or tails win or lose broke *****s are players
Heads or tails win or lose broke *****s are players
Say what up to the S.P. crooked I.C.E.
Ra rolling with the strap on the side of me
Partna' don't get it twisted up I got hollow tips extended clips
Major chips lookin' at Eclipse jacuzzi dips
*****s step back I don't know you
Don't get to close to me
Some *****s ain't really the ************ they suppose to be
Cloud killers don't aim until you shoot in the air
Better put it down and brake some hoes off like a true player
Phoney as three dollar bills *****s ain't recognizin'
Fell in the relapse besides I'm a trauma a *****
Look in the eyes and when you see me I be hardcore
What the **** a real ***** gotta lie to kick it for?
I'm tired of these bubblegum *** *****s
Throwin' monkey wrenches into the game
And all the players and pimps feel my pain
Hustlers maintainin' riches and keepin' presidentials
Not artificial with fishin' *****s know I'm packin' missles
Get me two Bentleys some houses Johnson jet skis
Ballin' till I die ***** don't **** with S.P.I.


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