Latterman Rebellion Vs. The Alarm Clock Lyrics

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i heard you're going off the edge
in a more than literal sense.
your expressions of frustration
don't seem to be reminding you
that life doesn't end when we pass
thirty years of age.
so listen to what you feel inside
to find your passions today.

i never wanted it to be like this.
i've heard you cry countless times.
and it always seems to make me wonder
why you live your life the same way
every single day
when it leaves you hopeless and empty.
it's time for a change.

so what does this all add up to
if it gets you lost in the moments.
i love you no matter what happens
but you have to remember something.
i've always said if you stay young
at heart age can never win.

if occupations define ourselves
it will leave us alienated
from ourselves and our world.
so let's get up and find a new way.

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