The D4 Rebekah Lyrics

6Twenty Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Rock 'n' Roll Motherfucker
  • 2 Party
  • 3 Come On!
  • 4 Pirate Love
  • 5 Running on Empty
  • 6 Ladies Man
  • 7 Invader Ace
  • 8 Little Baby
  • 9 Rebekah
  • 10 Mysterex
  • 11 Exit to the City
  • 12 Heartbreaker
  • 13 Get Loose

  • I've been waiting on you
    I've got the feeling that's right
    And by the look on your face,
    everything's in place
    I'm gonna meet you tonight,
    I'm gonna meet you tonight yeah!

    You wanna do it your way
    Well girl that's turning me on
    But in another day there'll be another way
    That you'll be outta sight we gotta
    get it right

    We got just one time

    I know the way you kiss
    You got that look in your eye
    I got a taste in my mouth
    Why did we leave it so late
    Now I'm starting to shake
    Please don't turn out the light
    Can't get enough of your blush
    I wanna head for the line should i be
    taking my time girl
    who's setting the pace?

    We got just one night
    Come on Rebekah yeah

    Come on Rebekah yeah

    Written by: Dion Palmer, James John Christmas
    Lyrics © O/B/O APRA AMCOS

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