In Pieces Reasons Held Within Lyrics

How to Make a Human Heart Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Reasons Held Within
  • 2 Walking This Fine Line
  • 3 Fear and Sorrow
  • 4 Perfect Enemy
  • 5 A Part of Me Dies
  • 6 Pain Exceeds Love
  • 7 A Year of Happiness and Waiting
  • 8 Holding Onto Nothing
  • 9 Emotions Bleeding
  • 10 What I Feel Inside
  • of regret of remorse
    a life can't find it's course
    situation overload life lowered to threshold
    the night is now growing old eyes shut and blood turns cold
    my life an overload blood-clot of reasons told
    inside a mind so tired now
    a voice coated in sin reasons still held within
    situation overload life lowered to threshold
    a mind so tired then reasons still held within
    beg shout attention drowned
    digging into lower ground
    a searching for the sound of silence can't be found
    a silence can't be found among this void

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